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Helping Communities Become More Affordable

Across our province, housing affordability is top of mind for many. The ideal percentage for housing is defined as 30% of household income, and it’s getting harder and harder to find a home for rent or to own that fits this model. This is an issue that impacts all ages, occupations, and life stages, and it doesn’t discriminate between single-income and double-income households. 

Making communities more affordable requires a collective effort and as a local credit union, we have a role to play. We know our communities. We know financing. Put it together and we have a unique ability to leverage what we’re already good at to help our members explore options that work for their individual needs. 

Types of Mortgages for Afforable Housing

We offer several types of mortgages to help improve affordability and increase housing supply.

Mobile & Manufactured Homes

Mobile and manufactured homes are great, and often overlooked housing options that offer you more space and affordability compared to traditional single family homes. Learn about our specialized lending rates.

Micro Suites

Micro suites are compact living spaces, that are generally less than 400 sq. feet and primarily located in urban areas. These types of homes have proven to be an excellent option for individuals seeking a more streamlined and economical lifestyle. Meet with a specialist to learn about our specialized lending options.


Home Renovation Financing for Suites & Carriage Homes

Adding a suite or a carriage home can create extra income to help offset rising housing costs or the costs to raise a family. It can support aging in place, generational living, and help someone get to retirement. It can also help relieve the pressure on our housing system by making more housing options available in our communities.


First Home Advantage

We’re helping first time home-buyers make their dream a reality with a low-interest personal loan of up to $25,000.
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Speak with a Mortgage Specialist

You don’t have to add another stop to your busy day. We’ll bring our expert advice to you, wherever and whenever is best.

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Suites, Carriage Homes, and Multiplexes

Many changes are happening at a government level to increase the supply of housing, including changes to zoning. These changes are being implemented to encourage the building of more small-scale, multi-unit housing including townhomes, triplexes, and laneway homes. Creating more homes that fit into existing neighbourhoods helps to increase housing options and supply, and ultimately create more affordability. For many of our members, it has them wondering what adding a suite or carriage home might mean for them and it comes with a lot of questions. 
We’re Here to Help!

Check out our FAQ’s below!

Determine if your property is eligible for a secondary suite or carriage house by referring to this page on the City of Kelowna's website, or check with your local municipality if your property is located outside Kelowna. 
If your property is eligible, reach out to and we can walk you through the steps.
Yes! Here’s a checklist outlining what you’ll need.

Download our Construction Mortgage Checklist PDF >
If you are looking to expand your home, this would fall under personal residential financing. If you are looking to build a multi-unit home, commercial financing may be applicable.
Please reach out to our Mortgage Specialists or Book an Appointment at your local branch.
It would be best to speak with a contractor and obtain a pricing sheet. We can also assist with guiding you on what items would be needed for the project.
It’s best to explore financing options to see if the project is viable. Our team would be happy to help. Email
More information on the secondary suite incentive program can be found here on BC Housings website.
Yes! See our list of builders who also happen to be our members below.
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Builder Spotlight

Thinking about creating a secondary suite or carriage home on your property? These builders, who are also our members, can help you make your dreams a reality.

Known for their work designing and building quality, upscale homes, Les Bellamy leads a team of like-minded professionals who work in perfect sync to achieve excellence in quality and superior attention to detail.

Known for their work designing and building quality, upscale homes, Les Bellamy leads a team of like-minded professionals who work in perfect sync to achieve excellence in quality and superior attention to detail.

For almost 20 years, Ovation Homes has bringing their customers’ dreams to life with their experienced and dedicated team of professionals.

As a family-run residential construction company specializing in custom home building, Third Generation Homes recognizes the importance of understanding the landscape, the area, and their client's needs to create the perfect home.


AuthenTech Homes

Led by Scott and Gina Tyerman, AuthenTech Homes is committed to the highest quality of building, detailing every integral part of the process for the homeowner.