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Collabria Partner Accounts

Link your Collabria Credit Card in Online Banking to view your balance, recent transactions, and access your secure single sign-on to Collabria CardWise.

How to link your Collabria Credit Card in Online Banking

  1. In the left navigation menu, select "Account Services". (If you are on a smartphone or tablet, select the hamburger menu to find "Account Services")
  2. From there, select "Manage Partner Accounts", then under the heading Link a Credit Card, select "Collabria Credit Card".
  3. Read and agree to the terms and conditions.
  4. Enter the 16-digit credit card number and 3-digit CVV for the card you would like to link. (Please note, only the primary card can be linked. See our FAQs below for joint credit card accounts.)
  5. Select 'Link Card' and your Collabria credit card is now linked.

Alternatively, you can also link your card by scolling down to the bottom of the Account Summary screen and selecting the three dots kabob and then 'Link Accounts'.

Collabria Partner Account

Frequently Asked Questions

For additional questions, please call our Member Service Centre at

At this time, only the primary card holder's card can be linked. If you link the primary card you will see all transactions from all cards listed under the primary card.

Only the primary cardholder is able to link their card. Secondary cardholders and authorized users are unable to link their cards in online banking.

Please delink your old card and link your new card.

Are you are waiting for a new card to arrive by mail? If so, you will have to wait to link your credit card until the new card with the new CVV arrives.

Only the card balance can be seen in online banking. If you need to see your full history or pending transactions, please log into CardWise.

You will need the new credit card number or new CVV to link your account. Please wait until the new card arrives before trying to link your Collabria account. 

In the mobile app you will not be able to link/unlink your card, nor will you be able to access CardWise. You will see your account balance and a list of transactions.

At this time, Collarbria Partner Accounts is only available for personal accounts. 

Unfortunately, only Collabria credit cards can be linked within Online Banking at this time.