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Jamie Carpenter

Need a Construction Mortgage? Meet Jamie Carpenter!

Buying a home can be an intimidating and sometimes challenging process—especially if you’ve never had a mortgage before, you’re looking at new builds through a newly released development or you’re pursuing a custom construction project. In some cases, it’s hard to know where to begin, let alone what you can afford! Interior Savings is a leader in providing financial solutions for these types of members, and we’re proud to work with an incredible team of mortgage specialists who know the industry inside and out.

Our entire team of Mortgage Specialists is exceptional, but if you’re looking for a construction mortgage in British Columbia, Jamie Carpenter offers a wealth of knowledge that can’t be beat. Here’s an introduction—if you’d like to know more, please contact us.

Experience that makes a difference

Jamie has been with Interior Savings for over 15 years, and she prides herself in delivering exceptional member service from start to finish. She has in-depth knowledge of construction mortgages in particular, and has built strong relationships with many developers, custom home builders, and local developments across the province. Jamie works hand-in-hand with preferred builders like Fawdry Homes in the Wilden community, and works closely with clients to ensure their needs are consistently well met. She understands that everyone has a unique wish list for their home—a swimming pool for the hot summer days, a great location with a gorgeous view of the lake, plenty of bedrooms or a sleek, modern design. It’s about creating a space that’s functional, beautiful, comfortable and perfect for your lifestyle. This is why custom homes are popular—you get exactly what you want and a sense of complete satisfaction when you walk in the door.

Many buyers find the idea of a custom build daunting or overwhelming, so they opt for an existing home instead—even if it doesn’t quite meet their needs. Jamie encourages her clients to follow their dreams while helping them navigate the complex financial elements of a construction project. She can often be found on site, supporting clients and answering their questions while ensuring that all lines of communication are open with the builder—a task that can greatly reduce a new homeowner’s anxiety during the construction process. It’s difficult to say just how many custom homes Jamie has helped her clients finance, build and move into—suffice it to say, there have been a lot!

Strong relationships, strong communities

In addition to being a skilled mortgage professional, Jamie is a wife and mother who is passionate about non-profit work. She’s been a volunteer event director at Motionball for five years and has served as a volunteer coach for Special Olympians competing in soccer and swimming events. Jamie loves working for a credit union because she sees how much these organizations give back to their communities—particularly in times of economic unrest.

Think of it this way: if you believe in shopping local, why wouldn’t you want your mortgage to be locally held as well? It helps employ your neighbours and community members while working with a financial organization that donates a significant portion of their proceeds back to members and local non-profit groups. When you bank with Interior Savings, you’re improving the financial health of your whole community. This is because Interior Savings has shared over $28 million in profits with its members, awarded over $4 million in scholastic bursaries and invested over $5 million in community initiatives. Interior Savings team members have also spent over 15,000 hours volunteering in the community—and that number just keeps growing! We don’t just talk about positive change—we make it happen each and every day. It’s a mindset that motivates us and reflects our core values, and it’s why our amazing wealth advisors and mortgage specialists chose to work with a credit union.

Success is about more than money, and we know that when our members thrive, we all thrive. Jamie calls a construction mortgage one of the purest examples of the credit union approach, noting that it helps disburse funds to local tradespeople as well as local businesses that sell building materials, home construction products and related services. Your construction mortgage will also support local businesses from appraisers to home inspectors and conveyancers. And, at the end of it all, one of our members gets their brand new, stunning, custom home. Everyone wins, which is why Jamie loves this line of service.

Ready? Let’s build your dream home.

If you’re interested in building a custom home or working with a developer to purchase an under-construction project, please contact us or reach out to Jamie directly at We’d be glad to hear from you and offer personalized guidance that reflects your unique needs, goals and budget.