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Cashback Mortgage


A cashback mortgage is just like a regular mortgage except upon funding, you receive a 5% of your mortgage amount back in tax-free cash!

Benefits of a Cashback Mortgage

✔ Get 5% of your mortgage back in cash
✔ No increase to the amount of your mortgage
✔ Does not draw equity from your home


Do you want 5% of your Mortgage Value in Cashback?

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About Cashback Mortgages

Cashback mortgages are available on both new and renewing mortgages with Interior Savings. If your mortgage is not yet up for renewal, don't worry, we can work with you on different options. 

The best part is for mortgages currently with Interior Savings that are up for renewal, there is no requalification necessary and there is no increase to the amount of your mortgage. This is a great option to unlock some needed additional funds if you do not want to do an equity draw.

How Does it Work?

If you take a cashback mortgage at the time of renewal, all aspects of your mortgage renewal stay the same (amortization/loan amount) but you get 5% of your mortgage amount back in tax free cash, this is offset with a 1% premium charged to the rate.

What can the Funds be Used for?

Here are just some of the ways our members are using their cash back funds:

  • Pay down debts 
  • Used for renovations, adding in a new suite or home office
  • Consolidation: Paying off other loans to increase cash flow
  • Create an emergency fund
  • Put into investments
  • Tuck away for an epic family vacation 

Limitations and Conditions

No Blend and Extend Options: We are unable to do a blend and extend a mortgage with cashback until the term is complete.

Partial Cashback: Currently, we are only offering a 5% cashback option.

High Ratio Mortgages: Not available on high ratio mortgages at this time.

Other Terms and Conditions may apply: Talk to a Mortgage Specialist to find out more



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