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Perks for Visa® Business Cardholders. 

All three of the services below are available at no cost to you!

Your Visa® business credit card administrator can select any one or all of the services and must enroll for each separately.

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Visa​® Savings Edge

This service offers a convenient way for Visa® business cardholders to receive automatic discounts on qualifying purchases at participating merchants. Discounts are applied in the form of a statement credit on enrolled Visa® business cardholders’ future account statements, rather than using coupons and codes.

To enroll in this service, the business administrator should simply go to, click ‘enroll today’, and follow the instructions (multiple cards can be added).

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Visa​® Payment Controls

This easy-to-use web application allows you to define spending controls for employees’ Visa® Business credit cards.  You can customize each employee’s card to control where, when, and how it is used.  This tool supports a wide range of controls that limit employee use such as:  dollar amount, geographic area (country), certain merchant types, transaction types (such as cash advances or cash withdrawals) and time of day or week.

To enroll in this service, business administrators should simply go to, click ‘sign up’, and follow the instructions.

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Visa​® Business Reporting

Visa® Business Reporting is a simple, user-friendly reporting and analysis tool designed to help business owners manage their Visa® business card expenses. This secure web-based reporting solution provides summary and transaction-level reporting including a comprehensive set of graphical dashboards and standardized reports that transform card transaction data into business intelligence. In addition, the ability to categorize transactions and receive transaction notifications enables efficient tracking of expenses.

To enroll in this service, please reach out to our Member Service Centre or speak with one of our in-branch specialists.


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