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BUSINESS Flex Package

The Flex Package has 6 tiers and will automatically adjust your monthly fees up and down according to how many transactions you make each month.  So, you only pay for what you really use.

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Package Tiers

Only pay for what you use.
If you exceed the transaction limit for a tier, you'll automatically move into the next transaction tier and are charged that monthly fee. 
For example, if you conduct 11 transactions in a month, you would be placed in the 15 pack tier and your monthly fee would be $15.00


10 Pack

$10.00 Monthly fee
10 Withdrawals or deposits per month*

15 Pack

$15.00 Monthly fee
15 Withdrawals or deposits per month*

20 Pack

$20.00 Monthly fee
20 Withdrawals or deposits per month*

35 Pack

$25.00 Monthly fee
35 Withdrawals or deposits per month*

50 Pack

$35.00 Monthly fee
50 Withdrawals or deposits per month*

Unlimited Pack

$50.00 Monthly fee
Unlimited Withdrawals or deposits per month*


Other Benefits and Fees

Optional paper statements$3.00/month
e-Statements with cheque imagesIncluded
Small business online bankingIncluded
Business online banking$25.00/month
Interac® or Desjardins ATM Withdrawals in Canada$2.00 each
Canadian Credit union and EXCHANGE® ATM withdrawalsIncluded
U.S. & International ATM withdrawals$4.00 each
Business chequesCost
Signers (4 maximum)**No Charge
Interac® e-transfersIncluded

* Excludes Interac, Desjardins, US and International ATM withdrawals. No charge for pre-authorized credit (PAC) transactions

** Five or more signers will be charged a one time fee of $25 each at account opening or at the annual renewal period. At subsequent annual renewal periods, the number of free signers will be dictated by the number set-up the previous year. For changes outside the annual renewal period, a flat fee of $100 will cover up to 4 signer changes; additional signers will be charged $25 each.

THE EXCHANGE is licensed for use in Canada by FICANEX Services Limited Partnership 

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