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Business Banking


​When your banking is quick and easy, you’ll find more time to spend building your business and enjoying your success.

Business Flex Package


An account that automatically adjusts your monthly fee depending on how many transactions you make each month.

Key Features
  • $10 to $50 monthly fee
  • Interac® e-transfers included as a transaction
  • No over limit fees

Community Builders


For small non-profit associations, service clubs, or charities.

Key Features
  • $2 monthly fee
  • 30 deposits or withdrawals per month. Interac e-Transfers are included as a transaction*
  • Free, unlimited transactions with $10,000 minimum monthly balance*

* Excludes pre-authorized credits and Interac e-Transfer credits. Excludes Interac, Desjardins, US and International ATM withdrawals.


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