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The more business you conduct with Interior Savings, the higher your potential reward.

The 2020 Member Rewards payout date is scheduled for Spring 2021

Over the past decade Interior Savings has given back over $29 million in cash to Interior Savings members through Member Rewards, dividends and bursaries. This program is unique in our industry and we are proud to offer it to our loyal members.

For 2021, we will be giving $3 million of our profits back to members:
​$2.3 million in Member Rewards, $600,000 in bursaries and $100,000 in dividends.​

Where Member Rewards are Paid

Qualifying Member Rewards are paid towards the following accounts:

  • Patronage Rewards: Deposited in your Member Rewards Account
  • Tax Free Savings Rewards: Deposited in your Tax Free Savings Account*
  • Registered Savings Plan Rewards: Deposited in your Registered Savings Plan*
  • Share Dividends: Deposited in your Member Rewards or Shares Account**
  • Registered Share Dividends: Deposited in your Registered Savings Plan*

 *These funds are tax sheltered
 **Membeship Equity share dividends are deposited in the Shares Account.

How Does it Work?

Your eligibility is based on two criteria: Funds under Administration (FUA), which is the sum of all your deposits, loans, and non-registered mutual funds; and the number of products you have.

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