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We play an active role in our local communities that we call home. We've set our sights on making an impact in four key areas.

Empowering Parents with Young Children

From family and financial literacy to supporting continued education through our bursary programs, we’re helping parents create environments in which their children can thrive.

Helping People Maintain Mental Wellness

The truth is our mental well-being is just as important to the quality of our lives as physical health, but often doesn’t get the care it deserves. We want to change that. Go to Local Matters to read more stories on mental wellness.

Helping Maintain Social Connection with Age

Isolation can have negative impacts to our health and happiness, and make symptoms related to illnesses much more prominent. We’re working towards ensuring that age does not mean isolation. Go to Local Matters to read the most recent articles.

Supporting a Strong, Cooperative Local Economy

We believe through collaboration and innovation we can create solutions; build for the future; and ensure our communities and the individuals within them have opportunities to thrive. Go to Local Matters to read more cooperative economy articles.

Financial Fitness


Local Money Local Good

Success begins and ends with you.


$10,000 Local Give Story

Honouring Ben's tradition.


$767,000 in Bursaries

767 local students were award...

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