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Member Rewards


The more business you conduct with Interior Savings, the higher your potential reward.

The 2022 Member Rewards were paid on June 7, 2023

Investing back into our Members and the Community

Over the past decade Interior Savings has given back over $31 million in cash to Interior Savings members through Member Rewards, dividends and bursaries. This program is unique in our industry and we are proud to offer it to our loyal members.

Last year we gave back $2.6 million of our profits back to members:
​$1.9 million in Member Rewards, $500,000 in bursaries and $200,000 in dividends.​


Where Member Rewards are Paid

Qualifying Member Rewards are paid towards the following accounts:


  • Patronage Rewards: Deposited in your Interior Savings Account
  • Tax Free Savings Rewards: Deposited in your Tax Free Savings Account*
  • Registered Savings Plan Rewards: Deposited in your Registered Savings Plan*
  • Share Dividends: Deposited in your Member Rewards or Shares Account**
  • Registered Share Dividends: Deposited in your Registered Savings Plan*

 *These funds are tax sheltered
 **Membership Equity share dividends are deposited in the Shares Account.



How Does it Work?

Your eligibility is based on two criteria: Funds under Administration (FUA), which is the sum of all your deposits, loans, and non-registered mutual funds; and the number of products you have.

  • Individuals must hold at least 3 unique products.
  • Rewards are calculated on the average account balance for qualifying products.  For non-registered accounts the minimum rewards payment is $10.00 and for registered accounts the minimum rewards payment is $1.00

You also receive a dividend payment on your shares. This year we paid dividends as follows:

  • 0.50% dividend on non-equity shares
  • 2.50% dividend on membership equity shares
  • 2.50% dividend on investment equity shares

Registered deposits are rewarded separately from the standard program. The balances are still included, but to address taxation complexities, a portion of the Member Rewards pool was set aside to give a 11.0 basis point reward on registered balances that total over $10,000.

*Prince George dividends were paid on February 28th, 2023, effective January 1st.

Income Tax has been deducted from your Member Rewards payment. Payments under the Member Rewards program constitute "patronage" allocations as described in Section 135 of the Income Tax Act. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requires us to withhold and remit 15% tax on any amount over $100. The allocations and tax will be reported on T4A slips, which will be mailed to you in early 2024. Even though the amount is reported to you on a T4A, it is possible that a portion of it is non-taxable. The CRA addresses this in their (archived) Interpretation Bulletin 362R, found on the publication archives on the Government of Canada website. If you have questions or concerns on how this impacts your tax return, please consult your tax advisor.


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Announcing $675,000 in Bursary Awards

Congratulations to our 2020/2021 qualified bursary recipients!


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