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Board of Directors Election Results

We sincerely thank all our members who voted in our 2023 Board of Directors Election.

2023 Election Results

The results of our 2023 Board of Directors Election were announced at our Annual General Meeting on April 18, 2023. 
The results are posted below.

This year, four positions were up for election.
When the Call for Nominations closed on October 7, 2022, we received six valid nominations for the following candidates:

Jason Bouchard
Elmer Epp
Aniela Florczynski
Robert Shirra
Laura Thurnheer
Liza Wilburn

Election voting closed on March 29, 2023 with the following results:


Jason Bouchard 688 votes
Elmer Epp 872 votes
Aniela Florczynski 919 votes
Robert Shirra 745 votes
Laura Thurnheer 584 votes
Liza Wilburn 1,030 votes


Accordingly, Elmer Epp, Aniela Florcynski, Robert Shirra, and Liza Wilburn were declared re-elected to the Board.
Each are elected for a three-year term.