Watch your account balance and activity for you with digital banking alerts via text or email.

Popular Alerts and Notifications

Access your online banking account through your mobile app or desktop to see a complete list of the alerts and notifications we offer. Customize your selection based on your personal needs.


LoginThis alert will let you know that your account has been logged in to. You can easily track if an unauthorized user has accessed your account.
New Bill Payee AddedUse this alert to track your payees, or to see if a joint account holder, or unauthorized user has set up a payee.
Interac® e-Transfer Recipient AddedUse this alert to track your Interac® e-Transfer recipient, or to see if a joint account holder, or unauthorized user has set up a recipient.
Transaction Pending ApprovalUse this alert to keep track of transactions that require your approval.

Balance, Activity and Payment

Low Balance Threshold

Use this alert to ensure you always have enough funds in your account.
Withdrawal Exceeds ThresholdUse this alert to be notified when large sums leave your account.
Schedule Transfer and Payment FailedUse this alert to stay on top of scheduled transfers and/or payments that may have failed due to insufficient funds.

Loan or Mortgage  Payment Due

Use this alert to make sure you’re never late on a loan or mortgage payment again.

How to Set-Up Alerts and Notifications

  1. Open the Interior Savings mobile app
  2. Login to Online Banking
  3. Select the ‘Alerts’ icon
  4. Select ‘Manage’
  5. Select the alert(s) you would like to enable
  6. To set-up your notification preferences select ‘Settings’

Download our Mobile App

  1. Login to Online Banking
  2. Click on 'Messages and Alerts' in the left-hand Shortcuts navigation bar
  3. Select 'Manage Alerts' below
  4. Select 'Register for Alerts'
  5. Add a mobile phone number or email address where you would like to receive your alerts
  6. Select the alerts you would like to receive

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