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The design of our MEMBERCARD® Debit Cards issued through the renewal process has been updated. When you receive your new debit card you'll notice a difference in the number formatting:

  • The FIRST 6-digits of the card number, 629451, are now pre-printed below the embossed numbers on the second line (these numbers are smaller)
  • The LAST 13-digits of the card number are embossed and located on the first line

When you're logging into Online Banking, you'll need to enter all 19-digits of your card number, starting with the FIRST 6 pre-printed digits followed by the LAST 13 embossed digits. 

See Image Below for Example of New Format:

To login to Online Banking, you'll need to enter all 19-digits (FIRST (6) + LAST (13)): 

629451 50041 2345 6789

Please contact our Member Service Centre if you have any questions.


Cards with all 19-Digits Embossed

If your card is not the new format and looks like the example below, please enter all 19-digits as they appear on the card to login to Online Banking.


Interior Savings MEMBER CARD® Debit Cards include chip security and the latest INTERAC Flash technology.  

INTERAC Flash is a contactless debit card enhancement which allows you to conveniently and securely make smaller everyday purchases without having to insert your debit card or enter your PIN at a merchant’s terminal. Simply tap your debit card or mobile device! It's quick and safe. 

For security purposes, we’ve set spending limits for your INTERAC Flash transactions. When you reach your spending limit you’ll be prompted to insert your debit card and enter your PIN. This is an added layer of protection that confirms you are the legitimate cardholder. Insert your card, enter your PIN, and your INTERAC Flash limits are reset.

View our Terms and Conditions.


Frequently Asked Questions


Please call our Member Service Centre to report a lost or stolen debit card 1-855-220-2580

After Member Service Centre hours, please call:

  • 1-866-932-2490 Within Canada and the Continental U.S.
  • 1-925-357-4891 Outside of Canada and the Continental U.S. (long distance charges will apply)

Lost or Stolen Wallet Checklist

To help guide you through the steps you need to take to protect yourself and your money in the event of a lost or stolen wallet please review our Lost or Stolen Wallet Checklist

Yes, we offer secure and seamless payments at any retailer with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Adding your MemberCard

To determine the best method on how to add your MemberCard card number to your mobile wallet, please see below:

1. If your MemberCard Debit Card has all 19-digits of your card number embossed, you can use the camera-based option to add your MemberCard.

2. If you've received our new MemberCard Debit Card where only 13-digits of your card number are embossed and 6-digits are pre-printed, you'll need to manually enter your full 19-digit MemberCard. 

Example of new format:

12345 6789 0123 (These are the LAST 13-Digits.  They are Embossed.)

333333 (These are the FIRST 6-Digits. They are Pre-Printed.)



®ACCULINK is a registered trademark and ® MEMBER CARD and MEMBER CARD & Design are registered certification marks owned by Credit Union Central of Canada, used under license.

Trademark of INTERAC Inc. used under license




Interior Savings members have access to over 45,000 surcharge-free ATMs in North America with THE EXCHANGE and AccuLink Networks in Canada and the Allpoint Network in the US. At most locations you can:  

  • Withdraw cash
  • View account balances
  • Deposit cash and cheques** 

Please Note: ATM fees are applied to withdrawals from non-Credit Union or EXCHANGE or AccuLINK ATM’s, and at ATMs outside of Canada. Allpoint ATM withdrawals in the US are surcharge free.


  • $2.00 Interac® ATM withdrawals in Canada
  • $4.00 U.S. and International ATM withdrawals

Please refer to your account package for additional fee details.

These are no longer accepted at the ATM but there are still many convenient ways to pay your bills, including:

  • Online and mobile banking
  • TeleTouch banking
  • Call our Member Service Centre​
  • Visit a branch
  • Set up bill payments to be paid automatically from your Interior Savings credit card

Locate an Interior Savings Branch or ATM >

​Find an ATM Network:

**Not available at all EXCHANGE® or AccuLink ATM locations


TeleTouch Banking


With TeleTouch Banking use your telephone to: 

  • Access your account information
  • Set-up and pay bills
  • Transfer funds
  • Find out current interest and foreign exchange rates
  • Report lost or stolen cards

To access your account(s) using TeleTouch Banking you'll need your account number and Personal Access Code (PAC). 

Call the phone number listed below in the correct area where your home branch resides: 

In the area Kelowna call: 250-862-4728

All other locations call: 1-877-861-4728 (Toll Free)

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