Service Charges and Fees

Effective September 21, 2020

Effective November 1, 2021, a few of our service charges will be increasing. The increase will effect Wire Transfers, Drafts, and US/International ATM Withdrawals. Please see below.

Wire Transfer Service Charges

Incoming Wire Transfers

Current CostNew Cost (Nov 1)
CAD Funds$13 CAD$15 CAD
USD Funds$15 USDNo change

Outgoing Wire Transfers

(CAD, USD, Foreign Currency)

Current CostNew Cost (Nov 1)
Up to $9,999$30*$35*
$10,000 - $49,999$40*$45*
Over $50,000$50*$55*

*Fees will be charged in applicable CAD/USD currency.

General Service Charges

Account closed within 90 days of opening$25
canadian credit union and EXCHANGE® atm withdrawalsFree
interac® or Desjardins atm withdrawals in canada$2
us and international atm withdrawals (Except for Allpoint U.s. Atms)

$3 (Current cost)

$4 (New cost, Nov 1)

business deposit book for non-business accounts (plus gst)$5
canadian cheque in us funds$15
cheque cashing for non-members (excludes federal and provincial government cheques)$5
cheque printing$3 /sheet
collection items received$20 + draft fee
collection items sent$20 + draft fee + bank fee if applicable
dormant account admin (up to 10 years)$5 /month
dormant account admin (over 10 years)$100
Drafts (No charge for CAD/USD drafts for Horizon, Smart and Ultimate packages)  $7 (Current cost)

$10 (New cost, Nov 1)
phone request to transfer funds or cover overdraft$5
me-to-me transfers (sent)$1.50
me-to-me transfers (received)No charge
item search (within 90 days)$5
item search (past 90 days)

$30 /hour

$15 minimum

Other Service Charges

membership replacement cardFirst card free each year, then $5 each.
Overdraft$5 /item and interest
charge back (personal & business)$7
non-sufficient funds (NSF)$48
non-nsf returned item$5
transfer rrsp, tfsa, RESP or rrif to another institution$100
stop payment set up in branch$15
stop payment set up on MemberDirect® Banking$15

MEMBERCARD® and Design are registered certification marks owned by Credit Union Central of Canada, used under license.

Safety Deposit Box Annual Fee (plus GST)

Small (1.5X5)$45
medium (2.5X5, 3.25X5)$65
LARGE (2.5X10, 5X5)$90
COIN (5X10)$150
EXTRA LARGE (10X10)$250
DRILLING BOXAt cost, $200 minimum
Replace KeyAt cost, $20 minimum

$10 discount on annual fee for Horizon, Smart and Ultimate Packages.

Lending Service Charge Items

blend & extend mortgage fee$200
construction mortgage

$750 if mortgage is less than $500,000

$1,000 if mortgage is greater than $500,000

credit union seal$100
letter of credit application or annual renewal fee$100 fee or 1% of principal, whichever is greater
letter of interest paid$20
lien searches


theworks new advance$100 fee for new advances of $50,000 or less
delinquent loan/loc nsf fee$48
short term loan fee (under 6 months, interim financing)1/2 of 1% ($25 min)
discharges - includes preparation and execution of documents$75
personal property registration$25 and $5 /year
personal property changes to registration$25
searches - member request$10
release of personal covenant$75
suspension or alteration of loan payments/terms$25

Notice of Service Charge Increases

Members will be informed of service charge increases either in writing 30 days in advance, or by posted notice at least 60 days in advance.

Complaint Procedure

Service charge complaints that have not been satisfactorily resolved by Interior Savings staff should be referred to your Branch Manager or in their absence, the Senior Vice President and Chief Operations Officer at:

Interior Savings Credit Union
Suite 300, 678 Bernard Avenue
Kelowna, BC V1Y 6P3

Telephone (250) 869-8200
or via Email to: