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Package Features

Monthly fee*None
Withdrawals included per month**Unlimited
Optional paper statement$3.00/month
Bill paymentsIncluded
e-Statements with cheque imagesIncluded
Canadian Credit Union and EXCHANGE® ATM withdrawalsIncluded
Interac® or Desjardins ATM withdrawals in Canada$2.00 each
U.S. and International ATM withdrawals***$3.00 each
Personalized cheques


*Includes the Ultimate Package. Package normally costs $13.00 per month.

**Withdrawals at any Credit Union or EXCHANGE® ATM in Canada, MemberDirect® and TeleTouch Banking withdrawals and transfers, Interac® Direct Payment, pre-authorized debits, cleared cheque withdrawals, ect. Excludes Interac®, Desjardins, U.S. and International ATM withdrawals (except for Allpoint US ATMs).

***Except for Allpoint U.S. ATMs

THE EXCHANGE® is licensed for use in Canada by FICANEX Services Limited Partnership.

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