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Director Since: 2021 

Nathan was born, raised, and has lived in Abbotsford his entire life. He and his wife, Maja, are the proud parents of two young children.

He has worked in the technology industry for 15 years. In that time, he has built a successful consultancy firm that has helped hundreds of businesses build strategy and cope with change around technology and digital transformation. This includes businesses and not-for-profits in the medical, legal, financial, education, agriculture, manufacturing, and various other sectors.

He is passionate about building sustainable organizations that provide a social good. He is proud to provide a healthy working environment for his employees, striving to counter the high-stress and overworked culture typical of the technology industry. He is excited about cooperative values and the alternative vision they provide: to build a strong, healthy, and socially beneficial financial institution whose duty is first and foremost to its members.

Nathan proudly served on the board of the Aldergrove Credit Union and is honored and excited to continue serving as a director in the merged credit union. He looks forward to navigating the challenging and rapidly changing world with the strong, combined team and vision of Aldergrove Credit Union and Gulf & Fraser.