If you are looking for more information, please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page.  

Personal Access Code or PAC

Members will need to reset their password (also known as your Personal Access Code or PAC) to access online and mobile banking for the first time after the banking conversion. 

First Login to Online Banking After September 21

WITH your temporary ​Personal Access Code (PAC):

  • If you retrieved your temporary PAC prior to the conversion, you can use it now to login to online banking. View the how-to video.
  • You will need to login for the first time using the desktop version of online banking (not our mobile app).
  • Once you’ve logged in, you will be prompted to create a new PAC (must be 8-30 characters and include at least one uppercase letter, one lower case letter and one number.  The following special characters ! # $ ’ ( ) , - . / : ? @ \ | are also permitted, but are optional).

WITHOUT a temporary ​Personal Access Code (PAC):

  • If you do not have your temporary PAC, you can try to reset your PAC online, contact us or visit a branch for assistance.
  • To reset your PAC online, you will need to use the desktop version of online banking (not our mobile app).
  • On the login screen click “Forgot Your PAC?” which will prompt you to answer a series of security questions to verify your identity.
  • You will then be able to create a new PAC (must be 8-30 characters and include at least one uppercase letter, one lower case letter and one number. The following special characters ! # $ ’ ( ) , - . / : ? @ \ | are also permitted, but are optional).
  • If you get stuck on the security questions, or run into issues, please contact our Member Service Centre or visit a branch for assistance in resetting your PAC

Online and Mobile Banking

You'll need to reset some of the features you use in Online and Mobile Banking.

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Online and Mobile Banking Features

You can set email and text alerts to notify you of banking activity and protect your accounts from fraud. If you had alerts set up previously under our old banking system, you'll need to re-activate them under our new banking system.   

If you have multiple chequing and savings accounts, it can be helpful to rename them with a clear nickname. 

Mobile Banking Specific Features

This feature lets you view account balances on screen without logging into our mobile app. However, you may need to re-enable this feature. If this is the case, you can easily re-enable this feature under mobile app settings.  

If you previously enabled fingerprint and facial recognition for mobile app, you'll need to re-enable them. Please Note: not all mobile devices support fingerprint and facial recognition, please check your device. 

Product Changes

We made changes to a number of our chequing packages and savings accounts.

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Personal Accounts

HEADSTART Package (Ages 0-17)
The HeadStart package is now a chequing package with unlimited free transactions instead of 50 free transactions for the month.

This account will be closed and all of your funds moved to a new Plan24 Savings account.

This account will be closed and all of your funds moved to a new Investment Savings account. This means:

  • You’ll get increased savings interest
  • You can make two free transfers a month. Any additional transactions or withdrawals are $5 each

Aside from these updates, all our other personal accounts will continue delivering the same great benefits and features:

MyChequing Package  |  Basic Package Simple Package Ultimate Package Horizon Package

Business Accounts

All of our current business packages have merged into one account – The Business Flex Package. This new account has six tiers and will automatically adjust your monthly fees up and down according to how many transactions you make each month. So you only pay for what you really use.

  • Business 10 Pack $10
  • Business 15 Pack $15
  • Business 20 Pack $20
  • Business 35 Pack $25
  • Business 50 Pack $35
  • Business Unlimited Pack $50

On top of which, you’ll also receive:

  • No more over-limit transaction fees
  • Free MemberDirect® Small Business Online Banking (previously the fee was $3/month)
  • Interac e-Transfers® included as a monthly transaction, which means no more immediate $1.50 fee per Interac e-Transfer

New Paper Statement Fee
The Business Flex Package includes free e-statements. There will be a $3 monthly fee for paper statements. Contact a Member Service Advisor or the Member Service Centre to opt-out of paper statements.

Interac e-Transfers

Your AutoDeposit information will need to be reset.

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​You’ll need to reset your AutoDeposit information if you want to accept e-Transfers automatically without answering security questions. Learn more about AutoDeposit.

Member Numbers

Each member now has a new unique member number in place of the multiple numbers you may have had previously. This shift will allow you to see a consolidated view of all your banking. 

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All original member numbers will be linked to your new one so you can continue to use existing cheques and pre-authorized transactions as normal.

This change will allow our staff to shift our focus from you as a member number to you as a member.

Your member information will now be organized in a different way. Each member has been assigned a unique new member number which will cover all the products and services you have with Interior Savings. Because all products are under your name, there’s no need to switch to the new number to do your banking. This will eliminate the multiple member numbers that you may have today.  What else does this mean for you? The same easy access to your banking! And for our team? We’ll have an enhanced view of your finances which will allow us to serve you better.  

Although you now have a new number randomly assigned to you, our background processes will be able to link your account numbers under the old banking system to the new number under the new banking system. So, with this work being done securely in the background, you’ll be able to continue with your day-to-day banking as normal:

  • No need to memorize or remember a new member number
    When you visit a branch or call our Member Service Centre, our team of experts will be able to assist you with your banking – without the inconvenience of looking up a number. 
    You can continue to use your existing cheques. They will continue to be valid.
    Preauthorized transactions such as payments and direct deposits have carried over to the new banking system. This includes bill payments and payroll deposits - this is unchanged.
    All MemberCards remain active and valid.  

Member Shares

We've shifted the focus on members rather than numbers. 

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When you joined, you were required to deposit $5 into a Shares Account. This made you more than a customer at Interior Savings. You became a member and an owner with a say in how we do business. 

With our new banking system, you will notice a small change. Each member needs to have $5 in their Share Account. Where current joint accounts have $10 or more in their Share Account, the $10 will be divided so that each member meets the $5 Share requirement.  Interior Savings has shifted the balance from one Share account to the joint account.