Important Information about Interac® e-Transfers in Small Business Online Banking

An update to Interac® e-Transfers in your Small Business Online Banking account scheduled for 
Below are the ​actions you’ll need to take after 10:30 am to resume sending and receiving e-Transfers.
Tuesday, October 27 between 10:00-10:30 am. 

​We appreciate and thank you for your patience with the update.

​Interac e-Transfer Profile

One signer will need to set up the Sender Profile for the account.  Generally this should be the person most active with the account.

Login > Transfers > Send Interac e-Transfer > Edit Sender Profile > please follow the instructions.

​Interac e-Transfer Recipients

Your list of e-Transfer recipients will need to be set up again.

Login > Transfers > Add/Delete Recipients > please follow the instructions.

IMPORTANT: Please take a screenshot or make note of recipient details prior to October 27, including their contact information and password. This will make it easier to re-enter the information after the update.


If you are currently using Autodeposits, you will need to turn this feature on again.

Login > Transfers > Autodeposit > please follow the instructions.

​Transactions prior to September 18, 2020

You won’t be able to see Interac e-Transfer transactions dated prior to September 18th.  However you will be able to view prior monthly e-Statements, which include your e-Transfers.

Login > My Accounts > View e-Statements

​In addition to resetting these e-Transfer features, here are other items to be aware of when accessing Small Business Online Banking

​e-Transfer Sender Email Address

Interac only allows an email address to be associated with one e-Transfer profile.  This means the email address you use in your personal account can only be used once – you cannot use the same email address associated with Interac e-transfers in your personal online banking and in your Small Business Online Banking accounts. 

​Access by Signers

All signers on the Small Business Online Banking account will have access to:

  • The list of all e-Transfer Recipients (these  will be available and accessible to every signer)
  • Both pending e-Transfers as well as those sent in the past

Thank you again for your patience as we transition to a new banking system. If you have any questions, please reach out to any Interior Savings branch or contact your Small Business Account Manager. You can also call our Member Service Centre at 1-855-220-2580.