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Merging Systems to Move Forward Together

In the spring, Interior Savings and Spruce will merge our banking systems – the final step in moving forward together. This system merger will ensure all members have access to Interior Savings’ full suite of products, services, and technology.

For the latest information on what to expect, read our comprehensive integration guide. We’ll be updating it regularly with more details and handy tools to help you prepare so please check back often. 



Account Changes

Important account information and changes for Spruce members

Mobile App & Online Banking Changes

Enhanced digital banking features for Spruce Members.
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Are Your Contact Details Up-to-Date? (For Spruce Members)

We’ll be sharing important updates by email, phone, and mail. Make sure you stay informed by ensuring we have your latest contact details.

Having the correct information also helps us protect your accounts and keep our records accurate.

How to Update Your Details

Here are three ways to update your contact information:



Stay Informed About Online Security

Awareness is power. Find out what to watch out for to protect yourself and your loved ones from fraud.

All Merger News

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October 2022
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Banking System Merger FAQs (For Spruce Members)

Our priority is ensuring all members have access to our full suite of products, services, and technology. By merging our systems in the spring, we’ll be able to do exactly that – giving Spruce members access to all the account options and digital banking solutions Interior Savings members enjoy.
Customer service and our members’ financial wellbeing are of the utmost importance to Interior Savings. Upcoming changes will not replace the face-to-face customer service you enjoy. These changes will simply ensure that we have more digital banking solutions available to support members who prefer managing their finances online.

We will be using numerous communication channels to ensure members are informed about upcoming changes. These include:

  • Email – We will be emailing often to ensure members know what to expect leading up to the changes.
  • Mail – We will be sending important information about the changes via letter and postcard.
  • Online Banking – We will place communications within online banking for easy access.
  • Website – We will regularly be updated this page with the latest information to keep members informed.
  • In-Branch Materials – Branches will display announcements, as well as provide printed copies of resources to help members during the transition.
  • Statement & E-Statement Inserts – Inserts will communicate any changes to members’ bank statements 

So make sure you don’t miss any important updates by keeping your contact details up to date with us. You can do this:

Interior Savings will never send you an email or text asking you to share personal information, including account details or login credentials.

Here are some more security tips to help you stay secure online:

  • Update your systems – Keep all your devices’ operating systems and security software up to date to take advantage of the latest fraud prevention features.
  • Be cautious – If you are not sure about a website, email, or text message, close it or delete it without clicking on any links.
  • Report fraud immediately – If you suspect you have fallen victim to fraud, contact Interior Savings asap so we can you help secure your accounts and your local authorities to report the fraud.
  • Keep contact details current – Things change, including phone numbers, email, and home addresses. Ensuring we have your current contact information on file helps us prevent fraud. So, the next time you visit your local branch, please confirm we have the correct phone number, email, and home address on file for you. You can also update your contact information within Online Banking or by calling your local branch at 250-562-5415

Have Questions about the Upcoming Changes?

Do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team is always happy to help.