Wouldn’t it be great if borrowing money was a hassle-free experience that let you make the big decisions? Well now it is with theWorksTM - our complete loan and mortgages solution. It gives you flexibility and choice in how and what you’re borrowing for - a house, home renovations, investments, or even a vacation - whatever you want.



Here's what you get with theWorks:


  • Save time and money. Avoid future mortgage fees as well as save on legal fees associated with re-registering another mortgage.
  • Competitive rates - all loans are at competitive borrowing interest rates!


  • Borrow money for any purpose – a second home, investments, a car or your own business – it’s your call.
  • You can have a number of different types of loans at the same time with theWorks. For added convenience, you can also include a line of credit.


  • Borrow up to 80% of your home’s current appraised value.
  • 95% financing is available for new home purchases.
  • It’s re-advanceable for your future borrowing needs.
  • You choose how flexible you want your payments to be. Set your own repayment options, amounts, and schedules to suit you.
  • Additional payments in any amounts allowed any time on open terms or lines of credit.
  • Customize your mortgage terms; fixed or variable rates are available.

Peace of Mind:

  • Mortgage protection insurance, life, disability, critical illness and loss of employment insurance are all available for theWorks.
  • Choose a fixed and a floating borrowing rate. And you can set up more than one term to reduce your risk of potential increases in interest rates.
  • theWorks simply accommodates your future borrowing needs.

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