Types of Mortgages

Interior Savings has helped many members find their perfect mortgage, and we’d love to find one that fits your current needs and future goals.

Below are examples of some of the the wide variety of mortgage options that we offer.You can also view terms and rates at this link.  At Interior Savings, we're proud to offer some of the most competitive mortgage rates around.

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Featured Mortgages Expand/Collapse

  • Among our most popular choices
  • Offer some of our most competitive rates
  • Terms from 1 to 7 years
  • Our “Freedom 5” mortgage blends flexibility with rate protection

Cash Back Mortgages Expand/Collapse

  • Fixed rate
  • Get up to a total of 5% cash
  • A great option when you need a little help with moving costs, some minor improvements, or some furniture to make your new place just right!

Variable Rate Mortgages Expand/Collapse

  • Interest rate may change periodically
  • Monthly payment will remain the same but the amount that goes towards principal and interest may fluctuate accordingly
  • Good option if you think that interest rates will remain the same or decrease during your mortgage term.

Fixed Rate Mortgages Expand/Collapse

  • The interest rate remains constant
  • Good option if you think that interest rates will rise during your mortgage term, or if you simply want the peace of mind of knowing exactly how much of your monthly payment will be going towards principal, and how much towards interest.

Open Mortgages Expand/Collapse

  • Allows you to make payments towards your principal at anytime without penalty
  • Good option if you want the freedom and flexibility to make additional and unscheduled mortgage payments, and as such pay off your mortgage sooner

Closed Mortgages Expand/Collapse

  • Doesn’t allow you to make additional or unscheduled payments, except for those permitted by your mortgage agreement.

Variable Term Mortgages Expand/Collapse

  • Different terms to fit your budget and needs
  • Terms range from 6 months to 7 years

Special Mortgage Solutions

One Grand Plan Expand/Collapse

  • Get a head start on saving for your new home
  • Contribute a minimum of $100 every month for a bonus of up to $1,000
  • Simple to Start, Easy to Save, Rewarding when you Stick With It

Family First Mortgage Expand/Collapse

  • Make it possible for your family to buy a home, without having to bear a financial burden
  • Your family member qualifies for a mortgage, and a loan for their down payment is secured with a term deposit that's in your name
  • Your term deposit continues to be an interest-earning investment within your portfolio while it is held as security for the loan until the borrower pays it out in full or refinances it into the mortgage

theWorks Expand/Collapse

  • Everything's better with theWorks
  • Complete loan and mortgage solution 
  • Flexibility and choice in how and what you’re borrowing for

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Featured Rates (Rates effective 2019-08-02)
5 Year Variable Rate Closed 3.35%
5 Year Fixed Rate Closed 2.99%