Safety Deposit Boxes

Protect your valuable documents and belongings from accidental loss, theft or fire, for just pennies a day.


  • Boxes are available in a variety of sizes
  • Two key entry to ensure your box is not accessed unless you are present
  • Discounts offered for Senior Packages and some chequing account members
  • Rental fees are often tax-deductible

Protect Yourself Further- we recommend extra insurance

You have total control of your safety deposit box, so Interior Savings can assume no legal responsibility for its contents. For this reason, we suggest you arrange insurance for your stored valuables. It’s also inadvisable to store currency in a safety deposit box; if a loss occurs, it is impossible to authenticate a claim or replace your currency.

Keep Track of Your Box’s Contents – keep home records up-to-date

For your complete protection, always keep an up-to-date inventory of your safety deposit box’s contents at home. This should include a description of each item and, in the case of insurance policies, stocks and bond certificates… serial numbers too. In the event of the loss of or damage to your box, your detailed inventory sheet will have all the information required to support an insurance claim or obtain duplicate documents.

To set up your Safety Deposit Box, visit an Interior Savings branch.

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