Online banking security enhancement

A rewarding online banking relationship is built on trust. We know our members want to feel protected from fraudulent activities when banking online, which is why we are adding a new layer of security referred to as MemberDirect® Risk Engine.

The new Risk Engine will determine how often “Challenge” questions are asked. This is because the Risk Engine determines your usage pattern based on device, location and other behavioral patterns to help identify and prevent fraudulent activities on your account.

This means you may be seeing your “Challenge” questions less frequently and you will no longer receive a prompt to “Register your computer” every time you log in to online banking. For example, if you log in to online banking while on vacation or using a different device then you may be asked to answer a “Challenge” question. When you log in to online banking within your normal circumstances you may be less likely asked to answer a “Challenge” question.

Security features for online banking

At Interior Savings protecting your privacy and safeguarding your personal, business and financial information is our highest priority. Our online services offer you the best security currently available and this is done through the use of industry standard security techniques, including:

High-security website certificate

Interior Savings has enabled a high-security web certificate from Thawte Inc. that positively identifies our website, as being authentic.  Visitors to our website will see a green address and a security status bar with a pad lock that toggles between Interior Savings Credit Union [CA] and Identified by Thawte.  If you click on the security bar you’ll find more information that confirms our website is authenticated by Thawte.  

Security Bar Encryption

Encryption ensures that information cannot be read in transit or changed by scrambling the data using a complex mathematical formula. Some browsers can create a more secure channel than others, owing to the ‘strength’ of their encryption. We use only the strongest channel available - referred to as 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

If you have a browser that only supports ‘weaker’ encryption such as 40-bit or 56-bit SSL, you will need to upgrade your browser before using our site. The longer and more complex the ‘key’ is, the stronger the encryption. The 40 and 128 refer to the length of the key. Since 128 is longer, than 40, it is more secure. According to Netscape, 128-bit encryption is trillions of times stronger than 40-bit encryption.

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