Executor Services

Being named Executor of an estate may be an honour, but it’s also a serious commitment. If you are an Executor you are the person who is legally obligated to ensure:

  • The estate assets are located, protected and properly disbursed
  • The debts, liabilities and taxes are identified and paid
  • The beneficiaries are kept informed and treated fairly throughout the administration of the estate.

Concentra Trust is here to help you with the Executor EASE services.

What is Executor EASE?

Executor EASE is a program designed to assist you in fulfilling your role in administering an estate. It’s made available through our partnership with the estate administration experts at Concentra Trust.

What is the first step?

Interior Savings Credit Union staff will arrange a complimentary estate consultation for you with an estate specialist from Concentra Trust.

How can Concentra Trust help?

Concentra Trust can assist you when you need or require help with:

  • Location/assembling/gathering information
  • Understanding and gathering documentation
  • Establishing Executor authority
  • Managing assets and liabilities; and/or
  • Preparing statements and reporting

Always here to help.

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