Will and Estate Planning Advice

More than just a will, it's helping plan for future generations.

Estate planning may seem like something only millionaires do, but the truth is, everyone needs an estate plan, no matter how much money you have.

Your “estate” is all the money, property and goods you leave behind when you die. Your “will” is the legal document that outlines what you want to happen to your assets after death. “Estate Planning” is simply the activity of figuring all this out, and getting it put down on paper.

Having an estate plan allows you to:

  • Be clear about your wishes for your money and other assets (including charitable giving)
  • Choose the person to take care of your financial affairs when you die
  • Choose the guardians of your children
  • Provide for your family’s future financial needs (including insurance and segregated funds)
  • Decide what will happen to businesses you own

Let us help you think through your estate plan, to make sure you:
Protect Your Assets
Protect Your Wealth
Protect Your Family

Executor Services

Executor EASE is a program designed to assist you in fulfilling your role in administering an estate.  It's made available through our partnership with the estate administration experts at Concentra Trust.

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