Reasons to Become a Member

Local money.

In 1939, 20 members came together to create Interior Savings Credit Union. Their deposits totaled $96.50.

Their vision was a financial institution that would keep their money safe while growing, built on cooperative principles that would keep their money local and doing local good.

Now when you become a member, you’re joining 72,000 other locals, served by 21 branches and two Commercial Services Centres. Assets exceeding $2.1 billion produce profits that are put to work for our members and their communities.

Over the decades, we’ve seen enormous social, technological and economic change. Credit unions have lead a lot of that change, including:

full service ATMs -- debit card services – depositing cheques by mobile phone -- mobile text banking -- daily interest accounts – loans to women – registered education plans -- More

One thing has remained constant – our solid commitment to our cooperative principles. Our head office is still here. It’s still where decision makers live and work. We’re here for one reason - to serve our members and communities, where we all call home.

Why join?

  1. Everyone needs to bank somewhere. We have great products, great rates, super- accessible services, and smart, caring staff. We want to see you thrive, reach all your financial goals, and look forward to your future with a smile. (And by the way, for 12 straight years, Canada’s Credit Unions as a group have been awarded the overall Customer Service Excellence Award in annual Ipsos Best Banking Awards – which tells us our members can sense how much we care about them!)
  2. We return profits to our members and invest right here in our local economy, local causes, local events, local initiatives and positive local change. (We think this beats sending money away to shareholders we’ve never met in places we may never go.)
  3. When you’re a member, you own the place. You have a voice in what we do; your vote matters. Before we put money back into our communities, you need to tell us what your community needs most.

Money may make the world go round, but local money is the best of both worlds. And we definitely want you in our world. Become a member now.

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