Are you Prepared for the Postal Strike?

Interior Savings is asking members to plan and be prepared in case there is a Canada Post strike.  Some ways you can receive your financial information and prepare for a disruption to postal mail are:


If you normally receive a mailed statement, you will not receive a statement during a postal strike. You can view your statements and transactions by:

  • Logging into online banking to view an electronic copy of your statement (E-statement)
  • Logging into online or mobile banking to view your accounts and your daily transactions
If you don’t have access to online banking, the process is quick and easy and you can now set it up online instead of visiting a branch.  To learn how, please click here.

Bill Payments

During a strike, you may not receive statements from utility companies and other vendors. To ensure your accounts stay up-to-date, you can make bill payments through online and mobile banking or by visiting any Interior Savings branch.

Credit Card Statements and Payments

Cardholders are expected to continue to make credit card payments by the due date during any postal disruption. You can view your credit card statements, transactions, and due dates by signing into MyCardInfo. If you don’t have access, please visit MyCardInfo and click on “enrol” to set up your account. You will need information from your credit card to sign up.

While in MyCardInfo, you can also sign up to receive electronic statements
You can make payments to your credit card through MyCardInfo, online and mobile banking or at our branches.  The quickest way to make a payment is through MyCardInfo.

New or Replacement Credit Cards

If you expect to receive a new or replacement credit card during a postal disruption, there may be delay in receiving your card. 

If you have some urgency in receiving your card, please contact Collabria Card Services at 1-855-341-4643 for assistance.

Insurance Policies and Documents

During a strike, insurance policy documents won’t be mailed out.  Instead, our insurance agents will contact you by phone or email.  If you are unsure when your insurance policy is coming due, please contact any Interior Savings Insurance Services office for assistance.