Leading Positive Change in Uganda

“Every time I get the opportunity and I find myself in a position, I want to create an impact in someone’s life. I want to be an advocate for communities coming together, serving together and investing together. I have seen it work. I want to be a part of seeing communities transform.” – Mercy Tumukunde

Making a difference in the world can seem like a big undertaking. But sometimes making an impact doesn’t have to be a monumental gesture reserved for billionaire philanthropists or big corporations. In the case of Ugandan credit union manager, Mercy (and for many credit union employees around the world) sometimes making an impact looks like going to work every day.

June 14th – June 23rd, Interior Savings was honored to have hosted Mercy Tumukunde as a part of the Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada’s (CDF Canada) “Women’s Mentorship Program”. We quickly realized our good fortune. Not only does this program allow us to leverage our cooperative values but Mercy’s desire to ignite change resonated deeply with us and has us reflecting on how we can continue to best serve our own members and communities.

Mercy started working at her SACCO (credit unions are called SACCOs in Uganda) – the Franciscan Investment Co-operative Society Ltd – in 2011 with 2 volunteers and has grown her branch and now has 5 full time staff members working under her. Her title is ‘Business Development Manager’ but in reality she is accountable for a great deal of the responsibilities of an entire executive team and for helping drive positive change in Kampala City, and perhaps all of Uganda.

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