Interior Savings Annouces 2019 Bursary Recipients

This past week hundreds of local students received an email from Interior Savings with some very welcome news: $1000 to help with their tuition.

The school hallways are sure to be buzzing as students share the good news. In some schools, over 10% of their graduating class will receive an award from Interior Savings this year.

The Million Dollar Bursary Program, now in its sixth year, offers up to $1 million in bursaries every year to Interior Savings’ young members.  With this week’s announcement, the program will have surpassed $3 million in awards since inception.

According to Kathy Conway, CEO of Interior Savings, the bursary program is part of a commitment by the Credit Union to share profits with its members while also helping its younger members make a positive move forward with ongoing education.

“Through our Million Dollar Bursary program, we aim to help students graduate from post-secondary in a better financial position,” said Conway. “The $1,000 bursary definitely helps in this regard.”

To be eligible for the bursary, students must be between 17 to 24 years old, a member of the Credit Union and have plans to attend full time studies in a recognized degree, diploma or trade certification program. The Credit Union has committed to awarding up to $1 million in bursaries every year until 2021. Learn more at

Any bursary money not claimed is returned to the general profit sharing pool which is awarded each year to Interior Savings members.  This spring, in addition to these bursaries, the Credit Union returned another $1.4 million in rewards and dividends to its members.