$10,000 Local Give Update

What happens when you take your knowledge and work experience, and couple it with your passion for helping others? Well, our next $10,000 Local Give participant, Graham Specht, proves these are the ingredients for success.

As a Diversity Program Coordinator at Kamloops Immigrant Services, Graham is an expert at doing great things on a limited budget. So, when he saw a poster referencing the $10,000 Local Give campaign in his colleague’s office, he knew he wanted to be a part of it.

“In the social services world we are used to making do with tiny budgets or donations, so $100 is a lot to work with by comparison,” began Graham, “Our field is often called ‘the helping professions’ where we help people who need it. While much of what we do is systematic and ongoing, I’m also able to use my individual skill set and connections to help people in a very practical and direct way.”

When he’s not working, Graham puts his skills to use as a volunteer bike mechanic. A cyclist himself, he takes great pride in repairing bikes, and he understands that bicycles can be so much more than just a form of leisure: “If I can provide transportation to someone who needs it, it can make a huge difference in a person’s level of access to opportunities.”

Armed with $100, Graham asked himself what would make the biggest difference to his community.

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