Community Investment Reports

We're only as successful as the communities we're part of, and our members want to live in neighbourhoods that are thriving and strong. So we put community investment at the heart of everything we do.

Our Community Investment Report provides a detailed account of how we give back and the areas we support, including the projects financed by our Community Investment Fund.  Please have a look and learn about the great organizations that are working to improve our communities.

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  • 2017 Community Investment Report

    Learn how we're helping to support the communities in which we live and work.

  • 2016 Community Investment Report

    Interior Savings endeavours to fund an amount equal to 3% of operating earnings, averaged over three years, in community investment spending. Together we’re helping to build and support communities where people are welcomed, encouraged, supported and cared for. Where everyone can find the connections, confidence and skills to not only enjoy life, but fulfill their potential too.

  • 2015 Community Investment Report

    In 2015, we invested in a number of programs and initiatives to help build more vibrant and connected communities.