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Personal Accounts

An overview of the personal accounts Interior Savings offers.

Business Accounts

An overview of the business accounts Interior Savings offers

The Works Mortgage

Learn about our complete mortgage and loan solutions.
The Works Mortgage Brochure

Wealth Management Services

From day-to-day cash flow to long-term estate planning (and everything in between), learn more about products, strategies and options available.
Wealth Management Brochure

Service Charges

Learn about our fees for personal and business accounts.
Service Charges Brochure

Investment and Financial Planning Expand/Collapse

Investing in RESPs

Learn about the benefits of investing in a Registered Education Savings Plan.
Investing in RESPs Brochure

Building an RDSP

Learn more about building a Registered Disability Savings Plan and who qualifies.
Building an RDSP Brochure

Understanding TFSAs

Learn more about the benefits, types of investments and limits of contributing to a Tax Free Saving Account.
Understanding TFSAs Brochure

Understanding RRSPs

Plan and start contributing towards your future! Learn more about Registered Retirement Savings Plans.
Understanding RRSPs Brochure

Naming Beneficiaries for RRSPs

Learn more about leaving a financial legacy for your loved ones.
Naming Beneficiaries for RRSPs Brochure

Knowing Your Retirement Income Options

Learn how to make the most of your retirement income and reduce the taxes that you pay.
Knowing Your Retirement Income Options Brochure

Executor Ease

Learn about a program designed to assist you in fulfilling your role in administering an estate. It’s made available through our partnership with the estate administration experts at Concentra® Trust.
Executor Ease Brochure

OnCourse NEI

Get all the vital components of successful investing, and the benefits of a managed asset program, in one simple solution—available through Credential® investment professionals.
OnCourse NEI Brochure

OnCourse AGF

Get all the vital components of successful investing, and the benefits of a managed asset program, in one simple solution—available through Credential® investment professionals.
OnCourse AGF Brochure

Personal Trust

Find out if a trust account is the right option for you, your company or a loved one.
Personal Trust Brochure

Qtrade Online Investing

Trade stocks with Canada’s top-rated online brokerage.
Qtrade Online Investing Brochure

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Insurance Services

Learn about services for Home, Tenant, Travel, ICBC auto, off-road and more.
Insurance Services Brochure

Off-road Vehicles

Learn more about your off-road insurance options.
Off-road Vehicles Brochure


Learn more about how tenant insurance can protect you.
Tenant Insurance Brochure

Partner Business Services Expand/Collapse

Business Planner

The Business Planner helps you map your road to success. Lay out your business strategy, analyze your markets and establish your financial plan with this step by step exercise. You’ll gain a better understanding of your business goals and where we can come in to help you achieve them.

Desjardins Employer Payroll Solutions Brochure

Looking to free yourself from the complex and time-consuming work of managing employee payroll? Review how Desjardins handles your payroll so that you can focus on strategic objectives and on growing your business.

Desjardins Human Resources Management Brochure

Do you wish to attract and retain the best talent? Would you like to be better equipped, and to plan your human resources needs more effectively? Let us help you reach your goals.

Desjardins OHS and Risk Prevention Brochure

Do you wish to be better equipped in meeting occupational health and safety requirements? Software Solutions are available to help manage all occupation health and safety activities. Managers can better control costs, reduce the number of work-related accidents and duration of absences, and consequently reduce contribution rates and show that they care.

Desjardins Payroll and HR Services Brochure

Payroll management tasks are complicated and time-consuming. Learn how Desjardins can handle your payroll processing needs so that you can focus on growing your business.

Payfirma Brochure

Looking for secure credit card processing for your business? Payfirma offers seven different payment channels that makes getting paid easy.

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Credit Union Deposit Insurance of BC

Learn about how your money is protected.
Credit Union Deposit Insurance of BC

Be Fraud Smart

Learn how you can recognize fraud, report it and stop it.
Be Fraud Smart Brochure

Protecting Your Privacy

Learn more about Interior Savings commitment to our members’ privacy.
Protecting Your Privacy Brochure

E-Books Expand/Collapse

Financial Wellness in Retirement
Learn more about developing a plan that is easy to follow, control, and achieve.

Business Succession & Sale
Learn more about developing a sound exit strategy.