Frequently Asked Questions

New Member

Is there a good reason to join Interior Savings? Expand/Collapse

There are lots of good reasons. We have all the financial services, advice, products, branches, apps and ATMs you need. We're in your community and support your community. You're in charge: you vote for our Board of Directors, share in rewards and make decisions so we can help you live your life, your way. But it's even more than that, learn more.

How is Interior Savings Credit Union different than a bank? Expand/Collapse

All credit unions are cooperative financial institutions: our members are owners and have a voice in who leads and the decisions our leadership makes. Our mission is to invest in our communities. Since we’re locally based in BC’s interior, we share our profits with our members and the communities near them. Your business with us is different, and makes a difference. Learn more.

Do I have to pay membership dues each year? Expand/Collapse

No! In fact, we share rewards with members. Every member gets to take part in our Member Rewards Program – and the more business you do with us, the more rewards you’re eligible to receive.

Why do you need to do a credit check when I apply to join? Expand/Collapse

Because all our members are also owners, we work together to protect everyone's investments - the first step is ensuring our new members have satisfactory credit. Once a new member meets the minimum criteria, they can benefit from all the privileges and rewards that membership offers.

Why do you need my Social Insurance Number (SIN)? Expand/Collapse

That's a Canada Revenue Agency thing. We're required to collect your SIN for identification, and to report any interest we pay out.

Do you share my membership information with any third parties? Expand/Collapse

Only when we're required by law, or when we have your consent. In these cases Credit Unions may share personal information with their subsidiaries and other carefully selected organizations.

Do you offer financial planning advice as part of membership? Expand/Collapse

Absolutely! It's good to have choices, and it’s great to have someone on your side to help you make the right ones. Our experienced, accredited investment experts will help you manage the money you have now so you can enjoy life your way.

Can two people join with one membership? Expand/Collapse

Yes, you can open a joint account with other account holders like children, spouses and business partners. Each person needs to be a member and purchase $5.00 worth of shares.

How do I apply to join Interior Savings? Expand/Collapse

We welcome you to join whatever way is easiest for you! We'll need to meet with you in person to finalize the details but here are some ways you can get started:

What does it take to become a member? Expand/Collapse

To join Interior Savings you need to be a resident of British Columbia and put a $5.00 deposit into a "Membership Shares Account". This $5.00 buys and holds the required 5 shares ($1.00 each) that make you a member in full standing – which gives you voting privileges and makes you eligible for our Member Rewards Program.

How old do I have to be to be a member? Expand/Collapse

Anyone can be a member of Interior Savings, regardless of age. If you're under the age of 13, your account will need to be opened and held jointly with a parent or guardian.

What if I leave the Interior (or “BC”)? Can I still access my Interior Savings accounts? Expand/Collapse

Yes! With ATMs around the world, banking by phone, our Member Service Centre, and all of the great online options available we can provide you with the services you need to make banking easy anytime as well as anywhere.  We suggest you take advantage of:

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